Here is another error I encountered when performing an import into Dynamics 365.  This happened while importing Campaign Responses into Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1.

We have an organization where Campaign Responses have been customized to include a lookup to Contact.  This is being used to track Contact attendance to events where our customer was a sponsor or attended.  A sub-grid on the Contact form provides the end-user the ability to see a history of attendance.

When importing the Campaign responses, we expected some to fail as we might have some new attendees that were not yet entered in CRM.  However, we didn’t expect it to fail with Contacts that we knew were present in the system.  On a few records we received the following error:

“The source data is not in the required format”  Error Code:  0x80040356



The source file we were using was an Import Template we downloaded from Dynamics CRM from Settings -> Data Management -> Templates for Data Import.  The template should have everything in the correct format.

Here is what we tried:

  • Looked at the Contacts to see if anything was different about the spelling or if there were special characters somewhere in the name.  They all looked fine.
  • Searched for the Contacts in Dynamics CRM to see if there was more than one record.  Usually if that was the case, we would receive a message similar to “The lookup reference could not be found”.
  • There were no duplicate ACTIVE Contacts.  There were however INACTIVE Contacts with the exact same name.  They were more than likely duplicates that had been merged into the active Contacts.

The result of the error was the issue with there being more than one Contact that matched that name.  One happened to be inactive which is what caused the odd error message.  So, what can you do to ensure you have the right record during the import?

When completing an import and you are mapping to a lookup field, try the following:

  • Try use a different identifier for the record you want to look up during the import.
  • For example, use their Email address, Phone Number, SSN or Customer Number as the field you want the lookup to resolve/check during the import.
  • Look at removing the inactive records if they are duplicate and all related records had been merged into the now active master record.

Are there any import errors you have come across with Dynamics CRM/365?  Feel free to share in the comments.