I remember the first time I had to deliver training for Dynamics 365.  Back then it was known as Microsoft CRM 3.0.  It was a in-person training session to a room full of people eager to learn.  The projector was kicking off some heat as it displayed my computer screen to the masses on a whiteboard.  I remember walking back and forth to the whiteboard to point out where I wanted my audience to look as well as wiggling my mouse frantically so they could see where I was clicking.

The little training dance I did was effective for that day but as technology allowed us to deliver training and demos over Live Meeting, WebEx, GoToMeeting and other virtual methods, wiggling the mouse and pointing to my screen didn’t really help my remote audience.  It also didn’t look very professional when I would record on-demand videos.

I believe that seeing a live demonstration is a powerful tool when delivering training. One way to help enhance the power of the live demo is to ensure users can see what you are doing, what you click on and where on the screen you want them to look.

You can purchase a nice laser pointer for the in-person training but that laser pointer will not work so well for virtual or on-demand sessions. Therefore, I want to show you a great tool you can use for free on your computer or any computer you are using for your demos.

You can change the properties of your Mouse to make it more visible as well as flash on your screen when you hit the CTRL key on your keyboard. Here’s how you can do it:

Open Control Panel on your computer


Access the Mouse Properties

Change your pointer to one that contrasts well with the Dynamics 365 clean, white background.  I prefer Windows Black (extra large) (system scheme).  This is one of the most visible pointers.

Select a Pointer Scheme

Now, let’s add the flash!

Pointer Options – pretty cool stuff here

Let’s look at the end product:


In almost every training session I have delivered using this feature, attendees ranging from end users to consultants have said it was helpful for them to follow along and asked how I got the mouse to do that.  Now you know the secret.  I hope this helps make your next accidental training or demo session a great success.