It was a wonderful week in sunny Tampa, FL for CRMUG Summit 2016.  Over 1,500 people arrived in Tampa to learn, share and engage in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  It was a week packed with many opportunities for users to grow their knowledge of CRM.  Activities included:

  • Pre-Conference Academy training
  • Microsoft’s unveiling of Dynamics 365
  • Breakout sessions
  • Microsoft User Experience sessions
  • The Expo Hall to meet and learn from vendors
  • Post conference parties and dinners
  • And much more!

This was my fourth CRMUG Summit.  My first was three years ago in this same city.  It was wonderful to see how much attendance has increased and how much more involved Summit veterans have become by either volunteering, co-presenting or presenting their own Breakout Session.

I enjoy Summit because I get to see a lot of familiar faces in the CRM community.  Every time I get to catch up with them, I am pleased to hear their experiences, willingness and desire to learn more.  Their involvement in their local chapters and communities adds to the success of Summit.

As a consultant and trainer for CRM, I continue to learn from my fellow attendees.  I also appreciate the fact that I can share knowledge with them and help them find ways to work smarter and not harder with their CRM solution.  I like the fact that almost every single person that attends this conference can walk way with learning at least one new idea they can take back to their business to make their jobs easier.

The week went by fast.  I will admit, I am glad I can take a few days to recover.  It is an experience I encourage anyone in the CRM community to take advantage.  This year Microsoft debuted Dynamics 365 to the entire User Group community attending Summit with a keynote by Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise group in Microsoft.

The CRM User Group got a deeper dive into Dynamics 365 with a keynote and roadmap session from Jujhar Singh, Corporate Vice President of Dynamics CRM.  My favorite moment of this session was when Jujhar amazed the crowd by saying, “Editable Grids, editable grids, editable grids.”  I will delve more into that keynote in a later post.  Needless to say he could have dropped the mic at that point, walked off stage and the audience would have cheered with a standing ovation.

The conference also had different learning tracks in the Breakout Sessions that provided any user of CRM the chance to expand their knowledge.  Whether the users is an administrator, executive, analyst, sales professional, customer service specialist or an every day user, their was a not a lack of sessions available for them to attend.

If you have the opportunity to attend a local chapter meeting for CRMUG, I encourage you to do so.  You can find more information at http://www.crmug.com.